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Oak but not Oak!

Do you like the look of Oak Joinery? Most people do.


But what they don't know is that oak splits and warps, this makes the windows start to look tired sometimes in as quick a time as 12 months depending on the weather. Oak also shrinks and expands in vast amounts meaning in the winter you may not be able to open the windows at all. If they are eased so that they can be opened, this in turn can sometimes mean that in the summer they can shrink so much you have gaps and the windows are drafty.


Its OK we have a SOLUTION!

Accoya® only expands and contracts very small amounts meaning your windows will be able to be opened whatever the season! No more sticking doors and windows, no more splitting and warping.

We can also spray the joinery with an oak finish so you get the look of Oak not the hassle.

Why not ask us for a quote? The price is comparable to Oak, its a no brainer really.

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