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How to decorate you kitchen for Christmas

I always have a dilemma when it comes to Christmas, how do you bring Christmas decorations into the kitchen in a practical way, because lets face it putting a small Christmas tree on the end of the island would facing impending doom in our house. Plus for me unless it was plastic I wouldn't want it there where I'm preparing food and to be honest do we need more plastic in the world?

So this is what I do to our kitchen to spruce it up, in a way that you can still use the kitchen properly whilst they are up. Fairy lights are great, I use battery ones so I can put them around places that don't have plugs. I drape the from shelf to shelf and along the back of the counter top and it really makes a christmassy difference. I use the same ones every year, I always take the batteries out and use them for something else after if the have enough juice and wrap the lights round a piece of cardboard to they don't get tangled.

Now these are really effective and dead easy a large cocktail glass filled with beed and baubles I make a up 5 of these of varying sizes of cocktail glass so the don't all look the same. I pop them on the shelves when I'm working in the kitchen and then if I'm dressing the kitchen before guests I pop them around the kitchen and it really make it look festive.

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