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Accoya® Accoya® and Some Poplar

This week is all about Joinery, we have just started a large amount of joinery in ......

You've guessed is Accoya® this marvellous wood is made from from Radiata pine which is very sustainable. It then undergoes a process called Acetyltation which means it will only move small amounts. This makes it perfect for joinery as you don't get the swelling in winter time like other woods. We like to use it for all our joinery, as coatings will last 12years or more and we don't have endless call outs to customers who can't open three windows and doors!

We have also made some Poplar ledge framed and braced doors, theses are going into a renovation in our area. They are primed only in the picture as the customer is painting them themselves and as you can see made to fir different sized openings.

If you'd like a quote for joinery please get in touch, we offer free quotations and appointments most weeks unless we get super busy!

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